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Monster of the Week / Playbook Templates?
« on: February 08, 2015, 09:58:43 PM »
The playbook template I have includes a section for tracking highlighted stats for xp purposes, but I'm pretty sure experience doesn't work that way anymore; is there a new template that doesn't have that?

Monster of the Week / The Freelancer: First Pass
« on: February 13, 2013, 12:59:58 PM »
You're not Buffy.  You're not with the government, the Conspiracy, or the Watchers.  You don't have any special powers or mystic weapons.  But someone's got to keep people safe, and it looks like that someone is you. 

Good thing you have this shotgun.

Stats, pick one line:
-Cool+1 Tough+1 Hot+2 Sharp 0 Weird-1
-Cool 0 Tough+2 Hot+1 Sharp+1 Weird-1
-Cool+1 Tough+2 Hot+2 Sharp 0 Weird-2
-Cool 0 Tough+1 Hot+1 Sharp+1 Weird 0
-Cool+1 Tough 0 Hot 0 Sharp+2 Weird 0

Moves, pick three

I Know A Guy: You have a bunch of old friends and contacts you can call on for help, knowledge and backup, anything from doing tricky research to playing the Home Office for suspicious locals to showing up with an extra gun.  When you call on one of them, give them a name and a role and roll +Hot.  On a 10+, they provide what you need, no strings attached.  7-9, they can provide it, but you'll owe them a favor.  On a failure, either they can't give you what you need or they can, but you've pissed them off or exposed them to danger in some way; if the former, -1 to your next interaction with them.  If the latter, you might have to go bail them out...or the Keeper might tell you how you haven't heard from Terry in a while.
Been Around The Block: When you discover that you need some particular item or knowledge to defeat your current opponent, roll +Sharp.  On a 10+, it turns out you've got just the thing in your closet/trunk/duffel bag.  On a 7-9, either you have something but it needs some work before it'll fit the bill, or you have a lead on it but it'll take some time or effort to get ahold of.  On a failure, well, you thought it was the right thing, but when you go to use it it turns out?  Not so much.
Badge and Gun: You're very good at convincing people you have every right to be there, poking your nose into this business; get +1 to rolls for this purpose.
Jack of All Trades: This hunting thing ain't exactly a pro-ball career, and you've had to learn to make do.  You get a +1 to rolls involving jury-rigging, improvising equipment, and the like.  You can attempt to provide first aid, for yourself or someone else, with a Cool roll any time you aren't actively in combat, and if you succeed they erase 1 harm--but on a 7-9 the fix is only temporary.  Failure on this roll may, at the Keeper's option, make the damage worse.
Saving People: When you attempt to protect someone who, in your opinion, is a "civilian", you get +1 ongoing for the rest of the fight if you pick "the target takes little harm" or "the target is out of immediate danger".  Your fellow hunters are never civilians for this purpose.
The Touch: One of the reasons you took this gig instead of settling down in the suburbs is because you're not exactly normal yourself.  You have kind of a feel for this sort of thing; you can roll +Weird to go with your gut about the current mystery.  On a 10+ hold 3, on a 7-9 hold 1, and spend your hold one-for-one to add bonuses to investigate a monster or read a bad situation.
Hunter's Journal: You have a source of useful monster knowledge; it is broad but shallow.  When you use it to help investigate a monster, get a +1 to your roll.


*Haven't worked this out yet*


When it's your turn, pick one of the other hunters; that person is your oldest friend, sibling, or otherwise very important to you.  Tell them History +2.  You may also pick one with whom you have a rivalry, friendly or not at your option; tell them History +1.  Everyone else, tell History 0--you're pretty good at being friendly but forgettable.

On the others' turns, whatever your important person tells you, add 1 to it.  For everyone else, write down the number they tell you.

-+1 Cool
-+1 Tough
-+1 Hot
-+1 Sharp
-take another Freelancer move
-take another Freelancer move
-gain one contact like you'd get from I Know A Guy.  You don't need to roll to get their help, but they only provide one specific kind of aid, which must be set when they're created.  If you have I Know A Guy, one of your Guys has branched out and can provide two kinds of help now, and you only have to roll for one of them.
-someone you've saved is very grateful; the next time you need a place to hole up and lick your wounds, they'll provide it, no questions asked.
-take a move from another playbook
-take a move from another playbook

As is probably obvious, this playbook idea is born out of my abiding love for Dean Winchester.  I'm afraid I've made the moves too powerful; anyone got any ideas?

the nerve core / Quarantine?
« on: January 05, 2011, 09:59:24 AM »
So I donated to Shock: Human Contact a while ago, and I was wondering how the getting of the Quarantine playbook happens, because it seems to me some people have it already.  I am probably dense about how it works, because I tend to be in this sort of situation.

Apocalypse World / AP: Living in Bigtown
« on: September 07, 2010, 12:11:35 PM »
Bigtown isn't really big, but it has a well and a genny to electrify the front fence.  The mayor's called Hoss, and the Consins keep goats and chickens and do a little farming.  Cielo runs the still and patches people up when they need patching.

Rocket and Spin are part of Hoss's gang of violent folks.  Rocket's a short, stocky bald guy, lugs around a gun about as big as he is--well, lots of guns, but the one in particular.  He's buddies with Spin, who has a honkin' huge shotgun and a sword.  Usually, Spin runs the night shift and Rocket takes days.  The two of them have been fighting together for years.

Zaelea is in town because Appleforth's husband died a while ago and she wants company, so she hired Zaelea.  Zaelea dances, too, which is worth watching even if you're not into girls.  Spin's sweet on Zaelea, but doesn't want her to know because the last time he had a girlfriend she died.

Cielo's brother Bago bases in town.  He keeps his Baby in a garage next to the front gate.  Bago is usually the one who takes the grain run to The Mill in the fall.  On one of those runs, he got pulled over by a bunch of guys--not because they wanted the grain, but because they wanted Rocket, who was on guard duty.  Bago decided that the grain was more important than protecting a guy who is manifestly capable of protecting himself, and let the gang have Rocket.  Rocket does not remember this event fondly.  Zaelea is sleeping with Bago (she calls him "Winnie") for free], which leads to a lot of speculation about his talent and endowment.

Hoss's court wizard is a girl called Amiette.  She has a brother, Doc, who runs a gang, or used to; she hasn't heard from him in a while.  This is because Spin killed his gang, and possibly him, over something Spin needed to save his girlfriend's life, though that ended up not working.  Spin knows Doc is/was Amiette's brother, but Amiette doesn't know about Spin's dead girlfriend; all she knows is that he doesn't like her.  She also knows Rocket thinks she's cute, in large part because they spent the night crammed in a shelter room together once when the mutts attacked and he got hurt.

the preapocalypse / Folding Player Books
« on: July 11, 2010, 08:35:59 PM »
Is there some super sekrit way to fold the little character booklets so that I don't have to do all this cutting and stapling and taping?

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