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Does anyone have any details on this? The Kickstarter page is sadly lacking in any actual information, as far as I can tell.


What specific details are you looking for? There are a number of articles spread around the internet about tremulus (including some AP reports) and I discussed the mechanics and such on the RWR Podcast (click here).

Let me know what you're looking for, and I'll be happy to either point you in a specific direction, or answer as best I can.




Thanks for the shout out! I was just getting over here and you beat me to it!



Hey Guys!

Chroma, I'll be hooking you up shortly. I wanted to swing by here first!

Lord Mhor, I just need your disclosure pledge and you're in.

Best regards,


P.S. I started a new thread about tremulus. Let's group our comments there. Cool?


Hello All!

I thought I'd finally pop out of the shadows and introduce myself! I've been quietly developing (and conducting in-house playtesting of) tremulus and it is now ready for some of you to get your mitts on it.

I've done a call out for it on my website, Reality Blurs, but we're best known for design and development of Savage Worlds materials, and, while the response was solid, I thought some of you might want to get a sneak peek.

If you're interested in checking this out, please click here to drop us a line. We're looking for people who can jump into the game and provide constructive feedback. We want to keep this a bit more open than we usually do, so rather than an NDA, I spoke with Fred Hicks and he gave me the nod to use a variation of his Disclosure Pledge. (Click here to check it out. Sending this along with your email will be really helpful.)

Tell us about yourself, your group, whatever. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


P.S. Want more details before you contact us? Click here.

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