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Title: Hack of a Hack - CSS Hercules, 4th Marine Division
Post by: Ronac on October 19, 2014, 08:43:24 AM
Fist, I read (and love) MightyAtom and Engimas blogs, but somehow missed this forum. Therefore I missed all the posts, discussions and some of my ideas might seem dumb.

Second, I changed some of John Harper's and Paul Riddle's material, and I am not sure if it's ok with them. So if you mind, message me and I'll take "stolen" material off the web.

This is my try at "Colonial Marines" (

Some of the ideas I changed and why:
- [ATTACK] in dice pool there are always two colored dice, rest are white. Colored dice define hit location of the first bullet (player can spread other damage as he likes). Why: Too many headshots
- XP on fumbles - changed to "Murphies award" - player with most fumbles gets XP award- Why: fumbles were most important way to get XP
- Ammo Clip - for 1 gear you can buy a clip with 2 ammo. Why: we like spending ammo. Veteran clips hold 3 ammo -> players get the feeling of leveling up.
- Edited playbooks - XP awards, hit locations, more hp, armor -
- Armor - reduces wound to stress.
- Colonial armor - reduces small arms fire to stress. Mark hit location with ".", there armor is damaged
- Rank and medal bonuses - Why: players have different ways of leveling up. Good feeling for players
- Moves - might overcomplicated it. We'll see in following sessions.