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Title: Goblin Gully
Post by: Murgh Bpurn on March 17, 2012, 05:34:44 PM
I'm going to be running Goblin Gully ( for a party of two this week and thought I'd have a go at statting the final creature.

Quote from: Goblin Gully
Once the door is open a gurgling, sloshing sound can be heard from below. The pit is home to a putrescent mutant mass of flesh – the last remnant of the Kale experiments. It is treated as a black pudding but is far more terrifying looking as putrescent appendages grow and are reabsorbed. Creatures with less than 4 Hit Dice seeing it must make a save versus spells or flee as if under the effects of a cause fear spell. If they fail to bolt the door, the creature will be free to destroy the town...

Quote from: Previous version of DW
Black Pudding
Blending into the dark waters of the swamp, black puddings are predatory oozes that dissolve their prey into basic sustenance.
Instinct: To dissolve, to break down
• Dissolve an unattended mundane item
• Corrode an item, making it less useful (less damage, armor, uses)
• Blend into swampy waters
Level 2, 5 HP, 6 damage

Quote from: sage's most recent monster building guidelines
How does it usually hunt or fight?
   All by its lonesome: 9 damage
What's the toughest it's a threat to in its usual numbers?
      A rural keep or guarded neighborhood: +8 damage
How big is it?
   As big as a cart: 25 HP, Close, Reach
What is its most important defense?
      Leather armor or a thick hide: 1 Armor
Which of these describe it? (Choose all that apply)
      It isn't dangerous because of the wounds it inflicts, but for other reasons: -2 damage, write a move about why it's dangerous
      It has long appendages or weapons: Reach
      It doesn't have organs or discernible anatomy: +1 Armor, +3 HP

So, stats so far:
HP 28
Armour 2
Damage 16
Close, Reach

Title: Re: Goblin Gully
Post by: roland on March 18, 2012, 02:14:40 AM
The monster seems good, but to me the 7-9 results in your custom move feel more like a miss, not a hit. So, i think it should be something like this:
When you first see the putrescent mutant mass of flesh, roll+WIS. On a hit your mind overcomes the horror in front of you and you may act normally. On 10+, you even got a +1 forward against it.
On a miss choose one:
- You flee from the creature.
- You stand transfixed by its horror.
- You run crazed towards it, weapon swinging indiscriminately.
Title: Re: Goblin Gully
Post by: Murgh Bpurn on March 18, 2012, 03:56:43 AM
My thoughts were a fail would be a descent into madness (its a one shot game), however maybe that's bit too harsh!