The Wolf King's Son, the end of shipping, bidding goodbye to the old sun...
Meguey & Vincent Baker Meguey & Vincent Baker
Happy Winter from lumpley games


The Wolf King's Son is live on Kickstarter!


You are the Wolf King’s Son, for good and bad. Your father is the Wolf King of Winter, the werewolf, the war-wolf, father of terror and of orphans. You left his court with hard words and now you’re on your own, afoot, in fairyland.


This is an expanded and revised version of the game you may already have seen, with three additional characters (a briar elf, a graveyard bird, and a young witch) and extra GM tools.


Check it out, and back it if you're interested!

Final Shipping for Under Hollow Hills and The Thief & the Necromancer.


Today I dropped the last few Under Hollow Hills packages off at the post office. Barring a few people who haven't gotten back to us with their addresses, we've completely delivered that game!


This evening and tomorrow I'm stamping up the last Thief & Necromancer packages. I'll drop them off at the post office on Friday. Barring as always a few people, we'll have completely delivered that game too!


It's a good feeling.

Under Hollow Hills and Apocalypse World are for sale in print.


Both are available at IPR (Apocalypse World / Under Hollow Hills), and Apocalypse World is available at Heart of the Deernicorn as well.

The Big Plan for 2023.


We're incredibly excited to announce this: the big plan for 2023 is to publish Apocalypse World:Burned Over as a standalone game.


Expect to hear more about it, starting in January and running right through to the end.

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Goodbye to the Old Sun, Hello to the New!


As I write this, 2022's sun is setting for the last time. In the morning, if all is well, 2023's new sun will rise.


May the setting sun put to rest this year's fears, griefs, regrets, and pain.


May the rising sun of the new day bring us new peace, freedom from want, and justice.


Goodbye to the old sun. Hello to the new!


We'll see you next year!

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