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  • Under Hollow Hills is Shipping
  • The Wolf King's Son is Coming Soon
  • The Thief & the Necromancer is Shipping
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Under Hollow Hills is Shipping


We kickstarted Under Hollow Hills in late 2019, expecting to deliver it a year later. 2020 didn't go how we expected! Neither did 2021...


But now, at long last, we're shipping Under Hollow Hills. If you backed the campaign, or if you preordered the game, your book will ship to you this month.


If you didn't, look for it to be available in print in December!


Under Hollow Hills

The Wolf King's Son is Coming Soon

To celebrate, we're going to kickstart a brand new version of The Wolf King's Son!

You are the Wolf King’s Son, for good and bad. Your father is the Wolf King of Winter, the werewolf, the war-wolf, father of terror and of orphans. You left his court with hard words and now you’re on your own, afoot, in fairyland...

This is an expanded and revised version of the game you may already have seen, with three additional characters (a briar elf, a graveyard bird, and a young witch) and extra GM tools.

Coming very soon!

The Wolf King's Son

The Thief & the Necromancer is Shipping

The Thief & the Necromancer is shipping too!

This one's ahead of schedule, hard as it is to believe in these times. They'll be out the door by the end of November.

I haven't decided which volume to publish next. "The Wizard's Library," a book of three grimoires for your wizards to study and (possibly) master? Or "the Wizard, the Warrior, & the Wastrel," a book of companion characters you can bring into the game?

Any thoughts? Let me know!

The Thief & the Necromancer

Games in Development

Planetfarer, the spaceship adventure game I've always wanted to make...

Fugitive Dreams, a mystery-adventure-horror game inspired by Sandman, The Prophecy, and Jacob's Ladder...


The Deseret Affair, the sequel to Dogs in the Vineyard, where a kidnapping case brings you face to face with violence and horror in early statehood Utah...


Psi*Run 2nd Edition, a new edition of the indie rpg classic, coming in 2023...


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